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10 Questions to Ask a Dayton OH Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you considering a consultation with a Dayton OH personal injury lawyer? You might be nervous or wondering what you should bring up during your visit with them. Below are the top 20 questions you should as a Dayton OH personal injury lawyer during your free consultation.

How Long Have They Been Practicing?

Experience is one of the top characteristics of a quality Dayton OH personal injury lawyer. Ask them how many years they have been practicing. The more time that has passed, the better! An experienced lawyer is more likely to win.

Have You Always Practiced Personal Injury Law?

Different lawyers have different specialties. Just because a lawyer has been practicing for many years, does not mean they are experts in personal injury law. Ask them what portion of their experience is with personal injury law.

How Many Cases Have You Won?

Wins say a lot about a Dayton OH personal injury lawyer. If they have won a decent amount of cases like yours, then the chances are, they will tell you whether or not they can win yours!

How Many Cases Have You Lost?

Losses are also important. A Dayton OH personal injury lawyer might not be eager to tell you about their losses, but ask anyway! If they are not being honest about their losses, then you might want to keep looking.

Do You Get Many Referrals?

Referrals from other attorneys can be a great way to tell how trusted the Dayton OH personal injury lawyer is in the community. If other lawyers trust them to send their clients, then they might be the right fit for you.

What Resources Do You Have for My Case?

Resources are vital to building a strong case. Do they have the tools they need to help you win?

What Do You Charge?

A lawyer can either charge upfront or when compensation is distributed.

Will My Case go to Trial?

Not many personal injury cases go to trial, they are often settled. Ask them what yours will look like.

Which Member of Your Team Will Handle My Case?

The main lawyer of the firm is not often the person who handles the case. Which member of their Dayton OH personal injury lawyer team will you be working with?

Can the Dayton, OH Personal Injury Lawyer Win?

Ask your Dayton OH personal injury lawyer in they can win your case. An honest and experienced lawyer will not take your case unless they are confident they can win it.

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