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10 Stats on Teen Driving Accidents in Cincinnati

20% of all 16-year-old drivers will be involved in a car accident within their very first year of driving. This shocking statistic is why so many parents fear their kids getting behind the wheel of a car for their first drive. Combined lack of experience and young age add up to an unnecessary number of deaths. Teens are involved in 3X as many fatal crashes as all other drivers and that risk increases the younger the driver is.

So what are some of the most important stats about teenage driving accidents in Cincinnati and what should your family do if they find themselves in one?

Stats on Teen Driving Accidents in Cincinnati:

1) 7 Percent of all Ohio drivers are under the age of 21.

2) Ohio drivers ages 15-18 years old have suffered more than 1000 young driver fatalities over the last 10 years.

3) In the US, 2,364 teens ages 6-19 were killed in car crashes in 2017.

4) Ohio teen drivers were involved in 132, 163 traffic crashes from 2016 to 2018

5) In 68% of those crashes, the teen was at fault

6) Of those crashes, 251 were fatal.

7) 2% of all at-fault teen driver crashes were caused by drug/alcohol-impaired driving

8) Looking at just fatal crashes, 18% of teen drivers were impaired.

9) The leading causes of teen driver crashes in these years were following too close, failure to yield, and improper lane change.

10) Crashes where a teen driver was at fault resulted in 37,428 injuries (non-fatal).

What to Do After a Teen Driving Accident in Cincinnati:

The very first thing you should do after any teen driving accident in Cincinnati is seek proper medication attention. Once you have been assessed by a medical professional, you should keep all documentation regarding your visit. The next thing you should do after a teen driving accident in Cincinnati is contact an attorney. Only Cincinnati’s best car accident attorney will know the best way to move forward after your collision.

During a free consultation, a qualified professional can assess your situation, be honest about your outlook, and fight for you every step of the way. A consultation with an attorney will steer you in the right direction during such a confusing time.

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