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Three Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer Tips for Safer Holiday Night Driving

They say "the freaks come out at night," and the Ohio personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Blake R. Maislin want to acknowledge the night-driving risks that arrive on Halloween or any other popular drinking holiday.

Roughly 30 percent of auto accidents in our state last year were caused by an impaired driver, according to the Ohio Department of Public Transportation.

What's more, your ability to react to the unexpected while driving at night is largely impacted by your visibility, and since binge-drinking often happens after dark, the risk of an auto accident, truck accidentor motorcycle accident becomes even greater on a holiday night.

Of all the fatal car accidents nationwide, experts report that roughly half of them happen at night.

So here are three tips for safer night driving:

Night-Driving Tip No. One: Remain alert and sober. It's not just drinking that can impair your decision-making when you're driving. Prescription medications and even highly-caffeinated foods and drinks can have an intoxicating effect on a driver. If you choose to drink on a holiday night, call or a cab or enlist a designated driver. If you're on any sort of medication, the same advice applies.

Night-Driving Tip No. Two: Light it Right. Always maintain functioning headlights and break lights.

Night Driving Tip No. Three: Heed Nap Time. It seems exceedingly simple, but tired driving can be tragic. So if you're feeling sleepy or sleep-deprived, avoid getting behind the wheel.

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