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The Law Offices of Blake R. Maislin, LLC, Represents Families of Madison Jr./Sr. High School

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As reported by WLWT News, The Law Offices of Blake R. Maislin, LLC will be representing the families of the Madison Jr. / Sr. High School as they seek damages for the suffering caused by Austin Hancock's reckless conduct. You can read the full story here:

In April of this year Hancock, who is now 15 years old, pleaded guilto to four counts of attempted murder and one count of inducing panic after admitting he shot at classmates at Madison Junior/Senior High School two months earlier. You can read the originally reported story here:

The complaint was filed on behalf of the families on June 15th of this year, and claims that on February 29th, 2016, Hancock fired a handgun causing the plaintiffs to sustain serious bodily injury and placing one of the Plaintiffs in the zone of danger causing them to suffer severe emotional distress. You can read the full story along with reading all of the documents filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by visiting the above-referenced link to WLWT News.

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