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Personal Injury: Top 5 Summertime Injuries Predicted for 2021

Personal Injury: Top 5 Summertime Injuries Predicted for 2021

Statistics show that emergency room visits due to personal injury spike during the summertime no matter what your geographical location is. Simply put, we’re all more active in the summer. Whether it be backyard barbecues, boating trips or simply jumping on the trampoline, the sheer nature of being more active in the summertime plays directly into the increase of personal injuries. Here are the top 5 personal injury risks to watch for in 2019:

1. The Backyard BBQ: Outdoor entertainment has become a major trend in recent years. Everything from full outdoor kitchens to just a simple gas grill can pose a risk of multiple types of personal injury. Always use caution when lighting a grill. If it’s a charcoal grill, use lighter fluid sparingly and stand back when adding the flame. If it’s a gas grill, make sure to light it immediately after turning the gas and opening the flames in order to prevent the gas from building up and risking a large burst of fire. Another unexpected risk is smoke inhalation. Whether it’s food catching on fire or lack of good ventilation, smoke inhalation presents a real risk of personal injury.

2. Lawnmower Injuries: The risk of spinning blades and whirling strings is pretty self-explanatory but some things are dangerous enough to need a reminder. First and foremost, keep all children away from riding lawn mowers. Keep the riding mower safely stored with the keys in a separate location not easily reached by small hands. When utilizing regular push mowers, make sure the mower is completely off and the blades are not moving before ever putting your hands near the mower. Simply reaching down to move a stick or large weed near the mower can put you at great risk of losing a finger or other personal injury. Additionally, always wear protective shoes and glasses. It’s common for lawnmowers to spit out chunks of rock or sticks that can be flung in all directions posing an additional risk of personal injury.

3. Playground Injuries: We’ll include trampolines in this section too. All playground equipment should be inspected before use – even when it’s in your backyard. It’s important to make sure it is in good working order and nothing has changed since the last time it was used. Trampolines should be looked at for wear in the material, deterioration of the springs, etc. Personal injury on playgrounds skyrockets during the summertime. It’s been touted by some that the number is even greater than ever because parents are busy looking at their phones instead of paying attention to their children’s activities.

4. Swimming Pool Accidents: Accidental drownings are not the only risk around the pool this summer. People who dive in at the shallow end put themselves in grave danger of personal injury that could result in never walking again. Additionally, the everyday general horseplay that occurs in and around pools can put poor swimmers at risk. Finally, not keeping the area around the pool properly secured can result in a toddler finding their way to the water without an adult to help them navigate.

5. Boating Accidents: Boating is a favorite activity during the summer months. Unfortunately, many boaters use it as an opportunity to also drink alcohol. It’s become very clear that the two don’t mix. To avoid personal injury when boating, limit alcohol consumption, make sure everyone on the boat is wearing a life jacket, and only allow strong swimmers in the water.

There are more ways a personal injury can occur in the summertime, but these are the top five to look for in 2019. It is also important to remember that not every personal injury that occurs can be avoided. Some could be linked to negligence, premises liability, or defective products. If you believe this is the case, our team of personal injury lawyers is here to help.

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