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Dog Bites: Why You Need a Dog Bite Attorney

Listen, we love dogs but that's not the point of today's article. The CDC reports that over 4.7 million people in the United States suffer injuries resulting from dog bites each year. Over 800,000 of these individuals seek medical attention after experiencing a bite from a dog. Some of these injuries result in expensive visits to the emergency room or even death. The majority of individuals who experience these injuries are children who are impacted more severely, both physically and emotionally. Whether it be the expensive treatment or the physical/emotional recovery from the incident, if you have experienced a dog bite you might need to consider partnering with a dog bite attorney to pursue compensation. Here are two reasons you might need a dog bite attorney.

What does a Dog Bite Attorney Do?

While being attacked by a dog is an emotionally triggering experience, if this attack leads to personal injury, a dog bite attorney can help you hold the animal’s owner accountable. It is within your rites as the injured person to pursue legal action against the owner of the animal that attacked you.

Dog bite attorneys are experienced in identifying which parties should be held liable for your injury as well as identifying losses totaled. These losses can include things like financial losses or emotional trauma that were triggered by the attack. A dog bite attorney knows what qualifies as a loss and can pursue a track toward rightful compensation. Without representation, it is easy to be talked into settling for less than you deserve.

A quality dog bite attorney will know how to fight for the maximum compensation for your injuries.

How Does Compensation Work?

Depending on the state, the owner of the dog is held accountable for any damages caused by their animals. This doesn’t always mean they have to pay for damages accrued. If that dog owner is insured, a dog bite attorney knows how to fight for compensation through their insurance company or look for alternative routes for compensation if they are not insured. Either way, a dog bite attorney will help you search every last resource for compensation, making sure you never have to settle for less.

If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog and are wondering what the next steps are, contact a qualified dog bite attorney. With the right dog bite attorney at your side, you can earn the compensation you deserve and start to recover from the financial and emotional impact of your injury. To find the right representation, click here.

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