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Defective Product Injury: Who is Held Responsible?

Defective Product Injury

Injury and loss caused by a defective product look like many different things. This type of injury can leave those affected with substantial physical, emotional, and financial devastation that leaves them feeling helpless on how to move forward. It is important in these situations to hold those liable responsible for their part in your loss. Earning compensation may not fix every wrong, but it can help you and your loved ones recover. A defective product injury attorney can help you identify who is responsible, and help your family start to recover.

Where Do You Start with Defective Product Injury?

1) Talk to Your Insurance Company

Whether you are renting or owning, defective product injury may be covered by your insurance. Insurance companies are generally the first step as you try to recover from your loss.

2) Hire an Attorney

A defective product starts down a long line of decision making and manufacturing that can be difficult to investigate. A defective product injury attorney with years of experience knows exactly where to start and will conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf. An attorney has your best interest in mind where your insurance company may not. Even if your insurance company says they have done all they can do, your attorney will do more. This, and they will help you hold those accountable responsible, earning you more than your insurance company is able to.

Examples of Responsible Parties:

1) Manufacturer

Most commonly, defective product injuries are the fault of the person who manufactured the product. They are the ones who created it and picked the parts that would make it. Either the manufacturer of the product or the manufacturer of the electrical parts/batteries is responsible for your defective product injury. You are not likely the only person who has been affected by the defected product. An attorney knows how to work against the large legal team of the manufacturer.

2) Seller

Many do not realize this, but the person or company that sold you the defective product is also liable for your defective product injury. It is important to identify all parties involved in order to earn the maximum amount in your case. Again, hiring an attorney will help you better navigate this experience so you can get the most from it.

Navigating the moments after your defective product injury can be extremely complicated and difficult. To ease the process and start your road to recovery, you should partner with an experienced defective product injury attorney. To learn more, click here.

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