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The Impact of Drug Use on Your Personal Injury Claim

Regardless of your situation, personal injury can uproot your life. It can take you out of work, it can keep you from living your normal life, and it can keep you from achieving your goals. Personal injury is often devastating to those involved, but it looks so different for each person. Depending on the type of personal injury claim you are filing, there are a number of contributing factors that determine your compensation at the end of the day. One contributor is drug use.

Personal Injury Claim and Drug Use:

1) Drug History

A large determining factor of drug use on your personal injury claim is your history with drugs. If you have a history of abusing drugs, this can negatively impact the validity of your claim. While it may not always be a factor in every case, the opposition may use the history to destroy their liability and throw out your claim. This is not always the situation, as sometimes drug history plays no part in the case. It is best to talk to your attorney about your history and they can help you determine whether or not your personal injury claim will hold up.

2) Jury Sympathy

If your personal injury claim ends up in court, the use or abuse of drugs in your history may impact how the jury views you and your case. Even if your drug history played no part in your personal injury, the jury loses sympathy for you in most cases if there is a history of drug use. The opposition will use this against your personal injury claim to weaken your case. Make sure your attorney has a solid grasp on how to work these types of cases to be able to help you effectively.

3) Experience

If your attorney managing your personal injury claim lacks experience in this type of jurisdiction, then your claim is more likely to be thrown out. An experienced attorney knows the effect of your drug history on your current case, the steps to take, and how to earn you the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

4) Honesty

At the end of the day, it is important to be 100% honest with your attorney about your history of drug use. The more your attorney knows, the better plan they can establish to move forward. The truth tends to come out if your claim goes to court, and it is better that your attorney knows ahead of time.

To find an attorney with experience helping people with drug histories file a personal injury claim, click here.

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