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5 Types of Damages That Can Be Awarded in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

personal injury lawsuit

In most personal injury lawsuits, damages come in the form of compensation. To “compensate” an individual for their injury and the impact it has had on their day-to-day life. This generally comes in the form of a cash amount meant to cover financial, emotional, and physical losses accrued from the accident/injury. Damages can be achieved through multiple avenues, which your personal injury lawyer can help you navigate.

Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit:

1) Income

Income damages come in the form of lost wages due to the time that is taken off work as a result of the injury you have received. The injury does not have to be to receive on the job to receive income damages in your personal injury lawsuit. This is calculated by taking the time you need/will need off of work due to your injury multiplied by your salary.

2) Medical Costs

Medical expenses are often the most trying of losses on those who have experienced a personal injury in an accident. Depending on the severity of the injury, this amount may be small but can also total to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those liable for your accident in your personal injury lawsuit should be held accountable in helping you pay your way through medical recovery.

3) Pain

Sometimes an injury can lead to chronic pain depending on where the injury took place on the body. While chronic pain cannot be measured monetarily, it can be calculated by the impact on your life and the continued care you will need. Your attorney can help determine the right amount of compensation for your personal injury lawsuit if you are left with chronic pain.

4) Emotional Well-being

The emotional impacts of an accident are also more difficult to measure with a dollar amount. If you lost a loved one or had a traumatic experience that will leave you struggling with your emotional well-being, you may be entitled to compensation in your personal injury lawsuit.

5) Property Loss

If the accident that resulted in your injury left you with damaged property, you can also claim damages for that property to earn compensation. This could include your home, vehicle, or important family belongings. Your lawyer can help you determine all property damage/loss in order to calculate the right number for compensation for your personal injury lawsuit.

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