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Work Injury Lawyer: What Should You Do After Getting Injured at Work

work injury lawyer

Getting an injury on the job is one of the most common types of personal injury in the United States. This type of personal injury includes anything from a small bump on the head to more extreme injuries like broken bones or worse. After getting a workplace injury, it can be hard to know who to trust. You need someone on your side who is not fighting for your best interest. A work injury lawyer knows what needs to happen after an injury on the job.

Advice from a Work Injury Lawyer:

1) Seek Medical Attention

The first step anyone should take after getting injured on the job is to seek medical attention immediately. This reigns true no matter the size of the injury and is the most important step. Not only can a medical professional identify the extent of the injury, but that can help you prevent it from getting worse and inform your employer of your work restrictions. By seeking medical attention before anything else, you not only protect your personal physical health but also protect yourself later down the line should you pursue a case with a work injury lawyer.

2) Partner with a Work Injury Lawyer

Even if you think your injury was minor and you do not need a work injury lawyer, it is still a good idea to seek the advice of one. A work injury lawyer who has worked with a multitude of cases like yours knows how to identify important issues. They can help you determine if your employer is taking advantage of you or might have been liable for your injury and help you file a claim for workers compensation.

3) Keep Documentation of Everything

From the moment your injury takes place, through the visit with your medical provider, and every other step of the process, you need to keep documentation of everything. The more information you attain for your work injury lawyer will help to strengthen your case.

4) Notify Your Employer

While some people are quick to confess that they have injured themselves, others hesitate due to fear of retribution. It is important to notify your employer of your injury, regardless of the outcomes. If your employer acts wrongfully toward you after your injury, this will only help your case. Ideally, your employer would support you in your recovery and take steps to prevent harm to other employees.

5) File A Claim

After your injury, if you and your work injury lawyer have determined that your case should move forward, you should file a claim for workers compensation. This should be done as quickly as possible as there is a statute of limitations that exist for work injuries.

To get advice from an experienced work injury attorney, click here.

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