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Weather-Related Car Accidents: Why you Need a Car Accident Attorney

Fall is the favorite season for many in the Midwest United States. It brings pumpkins, cider, haunted hayrides, and…car accidents? You read that right. Fall brings an increase in car accidents all across the country as the roads are covered with leaves, rain, and blocked by fog. Fall is dangerous for drivers due to a number of reasons.

Even for the safest drivers, avoiding a car accident is hard in the changing weather conditions. If you or a loved one find yourself in a car accident this fall, you may want to consider partnering with a car accident attorney. A car accident attorney can come to the rescue, especially if your car accident resulted in a personal injury.

Why is Fall Driving Dangerous

1) Rain

With fall comes a change in the weather, a favorite for many. There is a lot more rain in the fall, making roads slicker and more difficult to drive on.

2) Debris

The best part of fall is the change in the colors of the leaves and the sound they make when they crunch under your feet. For drivers, added debris in the road can be very dangerous, even just leaves. The reason they are so dangerous is that when combined with rainwater, leaves can make the road even more slippery for divers.

3) Animals

As the leaves leave the trees, woodland creatures make their way through the trees and more often on the road than in the summertime. Accidents caused by deer in the road go through the roof during the fall season.

How a Car Accident Attorney can help:

1) Identify Liable Parties

While a single person weather-related car accident leaves the driver automatically at fault, a car accident attorney can help you identify every party that is liable in your case. When other drivers are involved, a car accident attorney can help identify negligence or other liable parties that can help you.

2) Identify Losses

A car accident can take a toll on an individual or their loved once. Dangerous accidents can lead to serious personal injury or even death. A car accident attorney can help you identify your losses from the accident.

Fall really is one of the most beautiful times of the year here in the Midwest, and everyone should enjoy it. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been in a weather-related car accident, please contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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