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Advice from a House Fire Attorney: 5 Tips to Avoid a House Fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 355,000 house fires happen in the US each year. These fires are caused by a long list of factors. Some are unavoidable, but some are. When your house catches on fire, you are left with a devastating loss of a home, valuable possessions, emotional damages, and possibly high medical expenses.

An experienced house fire attorney from Ohio offered his best advice for avoiding house fires in your home.

Tips from a House Fire Attorney

1) Pay Attention to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most commonplace that house fires occur. House fire attorneys suggest paying attention to your kitchen in multiple ways. First, make sure your stove is clean and clear of debris, groceries, or flammable products. Next, house fire attorneys suggest staying in the kitchen while your cook and never leaving an open stove flame unattended or food to cook too long.

2) Check Your Lint

“Dryer Fires” are a top contributor to house fires in the United States. House fire attorneys suggest avoiding fires by cleaning your dryer vents and avoiding lint build up near your laundry machines. On the flip-side, campers can collect dryer lint to start fires at their campsite!

3) Blow Out Your Candles

Everyone has done it at one point or another. Unattended candles are another leading cause of house fires. House fire attorneys suggest ditching the traditional wick candle and trading it in for a wax melt light or an LED candle. For individuals who cannot rationalize getting rid of their beloved candles, house fire attorneys suggest setting a timer to remind you to blow it out before leaving or going to bed.

4) Smoke Detector Maintenance

House fire Attorneys agree smoke detectors save lives. Many are guilty of removing the batteries from their smoke detectors due to the annoying sound they make when they start to die. But if your home catches fire in the middle of the night, you will be grateful that your smoke detector went off, saving your home and saving your life. If you are rent a home or apartment, it is the responsibility of your landlord to maintain these installations. They can be held liable if their failure to do so results in a fire.

5) Avoid Smoking Inside

Smoking in the home leaves your clothes and belongings smelling like cigarettes, increases the risk of second-hand smoke, and is a huge cause of house fires. Even if you put your cigarette in an ashtray or trash receptacle, there is still a risk that ash could hit your carpet or curtains and start a fire in your home. House fire attorneys recommend smoking outside to avoid house fires.

If you or a loved one has experienced a devastating house fire, consult with a house fire attorney today.

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