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It’s Not Impossible: The Right Dog Bite Attorney Can Win You Compensation

Dog bite injuries are traumatic for most who experience them, and legal action is not often taken in the moments after. Many are under the impression that dog bite injuries are not eligible for compensation due to a lack of insurance behind the situation as there would be in a car accident. But when an animal attack leads to serious personal injury, you have the right to hold the animal’s owner accountable and seek compensation for your losses. This is when a dog bite attorney becomes valuable.

How Will a Dog Bite Attorney Win?

1) Some Dog Owners Have Insurance

In the cases where the owner of the dog does have homeowner’s insurance, your dog bite attorney can help you go after their insurance company for maximum compensation for your injuries and emotional damages. Having a dog bite lawyer, who has experience winning, will help you earn more from your case than you would if you were on your own. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible and often do not take into account emotional damages sustained from situations like this. Dog bites/attacks can be traumatic and should be taken seriously. Your dog bite attorney can help make sure you earn the right amount.

2) Alternative Sources of Revenue

Most dog owners are not insured for situations like this under their homeowner’s insurance or do not have coverage at all. When a dog owner is not insured, your dog bite attorney will help you go after alternative forms of compensation. This could include your own health insurance company. Your dog bite attorney should do everything in their power, searching every possible avenue, to earn the compensation you need to recover from this event. An experienced attorney will know where to search to make sure you earn what you need.

3) Negligence

In some situations, the argument of negligence can be taken into consideration. If a dog bite attorney can prove that the owner of the pet acted negligently, then they might be able to win your case that way. This could include dog not being on a leash or behind a fence, failing to fix a fence that their dog was able to escape from, or owning a breed that is considered dangerous. Your dog bite attorney will be able to tell you if this is a possibility.

To learn more about an experienced dog bite attorney who can win your case, click here.

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