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4 Ways to Identify a Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney Who Can Help You

It seems like no matter what city you drive through, there are billboards and ads for personal injury attorneys and Cincinnati is no exception. There are dozens of Cincinnati personal injury attorneys who claim they want to help you win your case or that they are the best ones for the job. How do you identify the one who can actually win your case and help you through your difficult time? It is not always easy. Below are four questions to ask when searching for the right Cincinnati personal injury attorney.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney Questions:

1) Have You Heard of Them?

This question is straight forward and to the point. Have you heard of them? Whether it be a name you frequently see on billboards or hear about on the radio, do you recognize that name? While some may be annoyed by frequent advertisements, this can be a sign of a successful Cincinnati personal injury attorney. They have won enough cases to be able to spend time and financial resources on advertisements in the community and will have more resources to win your case.

2) What Are Their Reviews Like?

Look online and ask your friends, do they have good reviews and a good reputation? Chances are if they are a bigger name in terms of Cincinnati personal injury attorneys, at least one person you know has used them. Put the question out on social media and see who responds. If you hear positive feedback alongside positive online reviews, chances are they are a quality Cincinnati personal injury attorney.

3) How Many Cases Like Yours Have They Won?

This is a very important question to ask any potential Cincinnati personal injury attorney as it reflects their ability and potential for winning your case. If the number is low, that does not necessarily mean they are a bad lawyer, but it is a much riskier investment. If you find a lawyer who has already won dozens of cases like yours, chances are, they will win yours too.

4) How Many Years Have They Been Practicing?

Experience is always a key characteristic to look for in a Cincinnati personal injury attorney. If they have not been practicing very long, they will not have the know-how, experience, or resources to dedicate to your case. An experienced attorney will know what to do right off the bat to better your chances of earning the compensation you deserve.

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