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Should I get a Cincinnati Car Accident Attorney That Wasn’t My Fault?

It has happened to most of us, we get in a car accident that seemingly was not our fault, so we believe we should not have to pay for anything. Yet, depending on the state you live in, you may still be liable to pay damages as a result of the car accident. If this has happened to you or a loved one, should you consult with a Cincinnati car accident attorney, even if the accident was not your fault?

No-Fault States vs Tort States

Ohio is a tort state, meaning that blame and financial responsibility can be placed on an individual after an accident. This differs from no-fault states, like Kentucky, that require driver’s insurance coverage to pay for that person’s own damages after an auto collision. If your accident occurred in Ohio, you may be liable for damages for the accident. Before you file an insurance claim, you should consult with a Cincinnati car accident attorney.

How a Cincinnati Car Accident Attorney Can Help:

If you or a loved one is at fault for a recent car accident, consulting with a Cincinnati car accident attorney can help in the following ways.

Assess Your Case

By first meeting with a Cincinnati car accident attorney for a free consultation, you can have an expert assess your situation and determine your next steps before you file your claim. Having someone with years of experience look over the details of your case ensures that you are taking the correct steps throughout the entire journey.

Access to Experts

A quality attorney with years of experience will have access to important resources that could help your case. Tools like expert investigators can work to total the correct amount of damages and unconcern important details that could minimize your fault in the situation.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

The biggest mistake you can make after your collision is negotiating with your insurance company on your own. More often than not, insurance companies take advantage of an individual’s lack of experience in these types of situations. An experienced Cincinnati car accident attorney knows how to negotiate with your insurance company so that you never get taken advantage of.

Having an expert negotiator is also helpful should you be at fault for damages as a result of the accident. Your insurance company will only pay up to the limit of your policy. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be required to pay more than that out-of-pocket. Working with a Cincinnati car accident attorney will minimize the amount you are responsible for paying.

To learn more about a Cincinnati car accident attorney who could help you, click here.

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