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Rain-Safe Driving: Advice from an Auto Accident Lawyer Near Me

Despite stressful driving conditions, like heavy rain, people still need to get where they are going. Even the most prepared drivers can find themselves caught in a rain shower during their commute. Weather conditions like this have a direct impact on the number of driving accidents that take place each year. Wet roads and disruptions in road visibility make it difficult for drivers to ride safely. Below are five safety tips from an auto accident lawyer near me that can help drivers avoid accidents or injuries.

Rain Safety Tips from an Auto Accident Lawyer Near Me:

1) Avoid Driving in the Rain Whenever Possible

If at all possible, drivers should do their best to stay completely off the roads during rainy weather conditions. An auto accident lawyer near me suggests preparing for a drive by checking the weather on your phone or computer prior to leaving the house, or rescheduling any plans when the weather seems dangerous. If you do not have the option of staying off the road, and must get behind the wheel, an auto accident lawyer near me has advice on how to make your trip safer.

2) Take Your Time

An important safety tip is to take your time no matter where you are going. Add a few extra minutes to your commute time if you know there is going to be rain. This way, you can drive slower than you normally might on the same roads and highways, decreasing your chances of accident or collision.

3) Don’t Drive on Worn Tires

Another great tip from an auto accident lawyer near me is to check your tires ahead of time. If your tires are worn down or have little to no tread, then driving in the rain becomes much more dangerous. Tread on your tires is incredibly important for keeping you safe on the road and preventing your tires from slipping in wet or icy conditions.

4) Replace Your Wipers

Rain already obstructs your visibility while you drive, making it difficult to see other cars who are on the road around you. An auto accident lawyer near me suggests replacing your windshield wipers roughly every six months to prevent further disruptions to your visual field.

5) Keep Your Distance

An auto accident lawyer near me suggests keeping a safe distance from any other drivers on the road during rainy weather to stay safe. Should another driver hydroplane or put you at risk for a collision, leaving plenty of space whenever possible functions as a cushion for your own vehicle and gives your extra time to respond.

If you or a loved one finds themselves in an auto accident due to rainy weather conditions, you should consult with an auto accident lawyer near me as soon as possible. To learn more, click here.

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