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Autumn Advice from Car Accident Lawyer Near You

Follow this advice from a car accident lawyer near you to stay safe on the road this fall. 2020 has been a busy year that has brought many unexpected twists and turns. Fall is already approaching us. While this fall and winter might be different than years past, drivers are still on the road. This advice from a car accident lawyer near you aims to prevent road accidents and keep drivers safe. Below are 4 ways to stay safe on the road this autumn season.

Advice from a Car Accident Lawyer Near You:

Watch Out for Leaves

Falling leaves can be absolutely beautiful. We all love to see the changing colors of orange and yellow. When these leaves get onto the road and get wet from rain, they become dangerously slippery. A car accident lawyer near you suggests driving with safe tires, watching for patches of wet leaves, breaking slowly, and staying alert this fall. Doing so can prevent you from losing control of your vehicle on the roads this fall.

Beware the Sun Glare

While the sun shines all summer, sun glare strikes the worst in the fall. The September sun is harsh and dangerous for drivers. A car accident lawyer near you suggests always keeping sunglasses near, your visor down, and reducing your driving speed to stay safe during unexpected sun glare. Harsh sun glare can easily cause road blindness and make a driver unaware of their surroundings. Follow this advice from a car accident lawyer near you to stay safe.

Remember Rain Safety

The fall brings wet roads that make for dangerous driving conditions. A car accident lawyer near you suggests replacing your windshield wipers to keep your view clear, making sure tires and breaks are in good condition, and taking your time to get anywhere when it is raining. Rain also increases the slippery conditions of leaves on the road, so be careful.

Prepare for Night-Driving

With the time change comes earlier sunsets and increases in night driving. A car accident lawyer near you suggests preparing for night driving. Make sure your headlights are in working conditions and you are not driving while tired. If you struggle to see while driving at night, avoid being on the road or consult with your eye doctor.

Autumn advice from an attorney is important for preventing road accidents this fall. To learn more about a car accident lawyer near you, click here.

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