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5 Myths about Cincinnati Personal Injury Law

Everyone has an opinion when they hear the term “Cincinnati personal injury law.” Some personal injury lawyers have established bad reputations for themselves by taking advantage of vulnerable clients who are just looking for help. The truth is, not every personal injury lawyer is like that, and filing a personal injury claim may be what you need to get your life back on track. This article will debunk several common myths about Cincinnati's personal injury law.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Law Myths:

“They Want Every Penny”

A common misconception about Cincinnati personal injury lawyers is that they are only in it for the money. The right lawyer will not charge you a penny until a settlement has been won, meaning they will not take on your case unless they think there is a real chance of you winning it.

“They Do Not Have Your Best Interest in Mind”

While this is true for some Cincinnati personal injury lawyers, there are ones out there that care about each one of their clients. In fact, the right lawyer will always fight for what you deserve, negotiating on your behalf and keeping you safe from parties that want to take advantage of you.

“These Kinds of Lawsuits Take Years”

Actually, most Cincinnati personal injury law claim never end up in court and are settled outside of the courtroom. The average length it takes to resolve a personal injury claim is less than 1 year!

“Your Insurance Will Take Care of You”

Your insurance company only has their best interest in mind, not your own. They want to save as much money as possible and will short you every nickel and dime they can to make sure they do not spend more than they are required to according to your policy. An Ohio personal injury lawyer will make sure you get every dime you deserve for your losses.

“You Have All the Time in the World to Figure it Out”

Actually, you do not. Every situation has a statute of limitations on when a claim must be filed for an individual to pursue legal action. For example, in Ohio, car accident claims are required to be filed within 2 years from the date of the accident. So the truth is, the sooner you can consult with an attorney, the better.

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