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8 Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in Cincinnati

Truck accidents in Cincinnati are nearly unavoidable with all of the semis on 71/75. Most are carrying loads for hours on end, are unfamiliar with the twists and turns of our roads, and unprepared for our bi-polar weather. Below are the most common types of truck accidents in Cincinnati.

Common Truck Accidents in Cincinnati:


When a semi folds itself so that the cab of the truck is bent at a 90-degree angle, this is called jackknifing. This is usually caused if the driver breaks quickly, causing the backload to shift forward while the cabin is in place, bending it.


Due to the fact that trucks carry such heavy loads, truck accidents in Cincinnati can be caused by rollovers. This is when a driver loses control of their truck and the entire vehicle rolls over onto its side, compromising other drivers at times.

Wide-Right Turn

Right turns are very difficult for trucks to make due to their size and shape. When a driver does not execute a turn correctly, forgets to check their blind spot, or more, they can cause a truck accident in Cincinnati.

Rear End

It takes a lot longer for a semi-truck to slow down than it does a car. When a truck does not get enough time to slow down, there is a good chance they will rear-end a vehicle, causing a truck accident in Cincinnati.

Under Ride

Another accident that can be caused by a truck stopping too quickly is an under-ride. This is when a truck hits their breaks and the car behind them gets lodged in their undercarriage. This can be one of the deadliest truck accidents.

Lost Load

If a truck's load is not loaded properly or the rear doors are not secure, the load can fall off the truck, causing severe accidents for others on the road.


Head-on collisions do not typically take place on the highway, but more so in heavily-trafficked areas. If a red light is ran or proper driving is not executed, one can occur and it can be deadly.


A T-bone accident can happen with any vehicle but is much more deadly for a truck that runs a red light and hits another vehicle.

Tire Blowouts

While many semis have multiple tires to prevent accidents if one blows out, it is not always a guarantee. Poor vehicle maintenance can lead to multiple tire blowouts and collisions.

If you have been in an accident with a truck driver, contact an attorney. To learn more, click here.

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