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A Step-by-Step Look into the Dayton OH Personal Injury Claims Process

Dayton OH personal injury claims are filed all the time. Injuries can happen in the workplace, in car accidents, at school, or anywhere really. They are unfortunate and can sometimes change a person’s life. The NSC reports that an estimated 3 million people are affected by accident-related injuries each year. If you have been affected and believe you could have a Dayton OH personal injury claim, keep reading. Below you will learn the step-by-step process for a Dayton OH personal injury claim.

Dayton OH personal Injury Claim Process:


The first step in the Dayton OH personal injury claims process is to consult with an attorney. A quality attorney will offer a free consultation. During this time, a lawyer will review and discuss the situation surrounding your case, and determine if there is enough to file a Dayton OH personal injury claim.


If you and your lawyer decide to move forward with a claim, the next step is to file it. Your lawyer and you will work together to build a strong claim and file all the necessary documentation.


After both sides of the case have filed, you then enter the discovery period. This is the process of exchanging evidence. During this time your lawyer will work diligently to investigate your accident and strengthen your Dayton Ohio personal injury claim.

Pretrial Motions

Pretrial motions are usually used to get evidence from the opposing side, dismiss a case, or request immediate relief. Your lawyer will determine if this is necessary and communicate that to you.

Settlement Negotiations

Before a case goes to trial, a settlement negotiation will normally take place. This is the time when the opposing side will propose a settlement. A quality attorney will get you the settlement you deserve, helping you avoid trial. But sometimes a Dayton Ohio personal injury claim goes farther than that.


Should your Dayton Ohio personal injury claim go to trial, it will take place in two stages. The jury will decide who is liable and then determine the damages. You need an experienced lawyer to identify damages and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Collecting Your Judgment or Settlement

Once a ruling has been made, then begins the process of collecting your settlement. This is the time when you win your earnings to recover from your Dayton Ohio personal injury claim.

To learn more about how to file a Dayton Ohio personal injury claim, click here.

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