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Auto Accident Lawyers: Your Accident Checklist

It has happened to so many of us. We get into a car accident and we are so flustered we don't know exactly what to do. Our first move is usually to get on the phone with our insurance companies, call the police, and file a report and a claim. This is usually the only thing most people do after an auto accident. The truth is, there are a few more things you should do after your auto accident to ensure you have everything you need. Auto accident lawyers with years of experience created a list of things you should try to accomplish in the moments after your accident.

Advice from Auto Accident Lawyers:

1) Your Own Report

While the police write their own report, they do not always consider your best interest in the process. They do not have as much time to be thorough and report every single detail of the accident. They have a job to do, but it is up to you and your auto accident lawyer to make sure you have all the information you can to build your claim. Auto accident lawyers report that the more information you have, the stronger your claim will be. It is important that you write your own account of the accident and how it happened from your point of view. An auto accident lawyer will be able to use this to help you.

2) The Other Drivers Information

While the other driver should be contacting their own insurance company to file a claim, it is important that you have the other driver’s information should your claim ever develop into more. Auto accident lawyers recommend recording the driver’s information including their plate number, car make and model and contact information. Lastly, you need to record their driver's license number

3) Take Pictures

While it is helpful to have a written account of everything, pictures are equally if not more important. Pictures strengthen your claim by showing the damage to your vehicle but also your injuries from the accident. You should document every moment of your recovery with pictures to reflect the physical hardship the accident has caused in your life. Auto accident lawyers report that the more pictures you have, the stronger your argument will be.

4) Police Officer’s and Witness Information

When the police show up to document your accident, you should make sure you take down their information. You never know if you will need it down the road to validate your claim. For this same reason, you should collect the information of anyone who might have seen the auto accident take place. An auto accident lawyer will use all of this information to build and strengthen your case.

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