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Cincinnati Auto Accident: 10 Surprising Road Rage Stats

Road rage is a huge cause of Cincinnati auto accidents every year. While everyone has heard of it, many are unaware of just how prevalent it is in this country. Road rage is extremely dangerous aggression that someone feels when they drive. Some of the statistics might honestly surprise you. Keep reading to learn about Cincinnati auto accidents and US road rage statistics.

Common Causes of Road Rage

While road rage varies from person to person, some causes are a shared experiences. Some of the most common causes of road rage include:

Being Cut Off

Being “cut off” is when someone pulls directly in front of you, very quickly, and with little notice. This causes drivers to have to slam on their breaks or get out of the way to avoid an accident.

Someone on their Tail End

When someone is “riding your tail,” this means that they are driving too close rather than keeping a safe distance from the car in front of them on the road.

Slow Drivers

Whether a person is speeding or not, someone driving slower than they are can often cause road rage.


Traffic is a huge cause for road rage with drivers who are eager to get to their destination. It means they have to sit and wait until they get past whatever is causing the delay, which can be frustrating.

Nothing at All

Sometimes there are drivers that are angry for no apparent reason and put everyone else on the road at risk when they use their anger during their driving.

Road Rage is the Leading Cause of Accidents

Out of every cause for accidents in this country, road rage is #1. In fact, 1/3 of all Cincinnati auto accidents are caused by road rage.

53% of Drivers think Speeding is Normal

There is a reason that speed limits are set. The number is determined by experts who know that driving any faster under those conditions could result in serious Cincinnati auto accidents. 53% of all drivers believe that some level of speeding is normal and expected.

Revenge Driving Exists

If someone experiences road rage because they did not like something another driver did, some will engage in something called revenge driving. This is when the angry driver makes an effort to chase down or intimidate the other driver, putting them both at risk.

8/10 Drivers Experience Road Rage

This statistic may be surprising to some, but 80% of drivers experience road rage to some degree.

There is so much danger found in road rage, making it the leading cause of Cincinnati auto accidents. If you have been in a Cincinnati auto accident because of someone experiencing road rage, speak to an attorney. For a free consultation, click here.

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