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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyers: The Laws and Dangers of Driving Drowsy

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyers: The Laws and Dangers of Driving Drowsy

The idea is incredibly relatable, driving for long periods of time, after a long shift at work, or late at night leaving friends can result in a little bit of drowsiness. Many adults will admit to having driven while feeling even slightly sleepy. Cincinnati personal injury lawyers want to inform you just how dangerous drowsy driving can be. Shockingly, 50% of American adults have admitted to having driven while drowsy, some even falling asleep at the wheel.

When looking at the accidents caused by drowsy driving, some of the statistics are alarming, to say the least. Cincinnati personal injury lawyers are here to tell you that these statistics are too devastating for anyone to continue driving while even the slightest bit sleepy.

Reports conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reflect that drowsy driving caused a minimum of 91,000 car crashes in 2017.

This same report showed that drowsy driving also caused over 50,000 injuries and nearly 800 deaths that same year.

These stats are not limited to commercial truck drivers but apply to the entire US population of adults.

Who is More Likely to Drive Drowsy?

According to the CDC, the following populations are more likely to drive without enough sleep:

1) Commercial drivers who operate vehicles like trucks, tractors, and buses.

2) Night shift workers who work during normal sleeping hours

3) Drivers who are suffering from untreated sleep disorders (sleep apnea, insomnia, etc).

4) Drivers who take medications that cause drowsiness

The Signs of Dangerous Drowsy Driving:

1) Yawning

2) Difficulty remembering where you have driven

3) Missing a direction

4) Lane drifting

5) Hitting a rumble strip on the emergency lane

6) Rubbing your eyes

What a Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Recommends for Preventing Accidents

1) Drive Responsibility

Just as you would not get behind the wheel of a car after a night of drinking, do not get behind the wheel if you are at risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Cincinnati personal injury lawyers recommend calling someone to pick you up, sleeping for a couple of hours in your car before driving, or using a taxi service to avoid the driver's seat.

2) Seek Medical Attention

If you have an undiagnosed sleep disorder that is causing you to experience constant or frequent fatigue, you may need to seek the attention of a medical professional. They can help you figure out what is wrong and find a solution.

If you have been in an accident caused by drowsy driving, contact a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer immediately. To learn more, click here.

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