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Dayton Personal Injury Lawyer: 3 Things to Ask About

Do you know the right questions to ask you Dayton Personal Injury Lawyer? No matter what caused your personal injury, it is worth consulting with a lawyer. Working with a Dayton personal injury attorney is your best chance at earning the compensation you need to recover. An experienced attorney can help you build an air-tight case, navigate the details, and connect you to helpful resources that all lead to you getting back on your feet. When it is time to consult with a lawyer, what are the right questions to ask? Below are 3 questions you should ask your Dayton personal injury lawyer during your consultation.

What to Ask Your Dayton Personal Injury Lawyer:

Do You Think I Have a Case?

Honesty is one of the most important qualities of a Dayton personal injury lawyer. A well-qualified and dignified attorney will only take your case if they think you have a good chance at winning it. Once your lawyer has had a chance to assess the details of your case, ask them the questions. Do they think you have a case that they could win? Their answer should let you know the potential of your situation, whether or not it will end in settlement, or whether or not it could go to court.

How Involved Will I be in the Process?

A quality attorney will not try to force you out of the loop. Your Dayton personal injury lawyer should be eager to communicate every detail of your case so that you are also keyed in on what is happening. They will help you understand the direction your case is heading, what details are missing, and what the outlook is. As your attorney how involved, they plan to keep you along the way. If they sound disinterested in keeping you connected, they might not be the right lawyer.

Will They Win?

Not every case ends with the results a person is hoping for. Sometimes this is because a lawyer was dishonest about the person’s chances. Ask your lawyer how much experience they have with winning cases like yours and what their chances are at getting the desired result. Will they win? A lawyer should be able to tell you with confidence what they are capable of and what they will do to make sure you get the results you need.

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