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Does Social Media Play a Role in Your Cincinnati Car Accident Claim?

Your Cincinnati car accident claim could be impacted by your social media accounts. How is this possible? In an age where everything is posted and tracked online, lawyers have figured out unique ways to utilize social media accounts to prove their points. They will sift through your entire internet history if it means it will help their own case. So how does social medial play a role in your Cincinnati car accident claim?

Your Car Accident Claim Could Be Impacted By Social Media in the Following Ways:

1) Comments and Admission of Fault

Sometimes if a person is talking about their car accident online, then that information and post could be used to prove that you are admitting to the fault of the accident. It is important to refrain from posting anything about your wreck online until you have consulted with an attorney who understands how that information could be used by the other side. Your Cincinnati car accident claim depends on it.

2) Destroy Confidentiality

Sharing information about your Cincinnati car accident claim online turns that information into public knowledge. Confidentiality protections go out the window when this happens. Updates on your case should be kept to yourself.

3) The Defense Could Take Advantage of Your Activities

If you are posting that you are participating in different kinds of activities, then the other side will use that information to try and prove that your injury is not as bad as you are claiming. While everyone should still find ways to enjoy their life after an injury, posting it on social media could hurt your Cincinnati car accident claim.

4) Proof of Being on Your Phone While Driving

If you were posting something, sending a text, making a phone call, or anything else with a timestamp, then that information can be used to prove you were on your phone while driving. This will definitely hurt your Cincinnati car accident claim.

5) Posting “too much” Can be Used Against You

If your Cincinnati car accident claim is claiming emotional damages as a result of your injury or a declined quality of life, then posting too much could hurt it. Posting “too much” can be used in the defense to prove that your quality of life is “just fine” or “not as bad as you made it out to be.”

Consulting with a lawyer should be your first step before posting anything online. They will tell you what is ok and what is not when it comes to posting on social media around your Cincinnati car accident claim. Click here to learn more.

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