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Driving in the Snow: Winter Car Accidents in Dayton, Ohio

Winter is here and Cincinnati is about to see an increase in car accidents in Dayton, Ohio. The first snow of the year has already happened and with that comes pretty scenery, sure, but it also comes with dangerous road conditions. Car accidents in Dayton, Ohio happen more often due to icy conditions, thick snow, and poor vehicle maintenance. If you want to stay safe this winter and prevent car accidents in Dayton, Ohio, you may want to adhere to the following advice.

How to Prevent Car Accidents in Dayton, Ohio

17% of all vehicle crashes happen in winter conditions. This is especially true for snowy regions like Dayton, Ohio that see higher precipitation than other areas of the country. In order to prevent car accidents in Dayton, Ohio, drivers should:

Prepare Their Vehicle:

Your vehicle might require some extra attention in the winter months in order to prevent accidents. You should take your car to your mechanic at the beginning of the season to see what needs to be tended to on your vehicle. Preparing your vehicle might include replacing your tires with seasonal snow tires, or tires with more tread, replacing your wipers, or something more serious depending on the state of your car. Preparing your vehicle can be an incredible way to prevent winter car accidents in Dayton, Ohio.

Adjust Your Driving

Driving in the winter requires a different kind of attention than the rest of the year. Driving conditions can be dangerous and for that reason, a driver needs to be even more safe than usual. Drivers should adjust their speed to a hazardous condition, change the way they apply pressure to their breaks, and increase the distance between them and other drivers on the road.

Stay off The Road if Necessary:

If the roads are too dangerous, it might be better to stay home. Check-in with your local news and weather station to determine your best options for getting out of the house. If accidents and dangerous conditions are in the way, the best way to prevent a car accident in Dayton, Ohio is to not get behind the wheel at all.

Contact an Attorney

If you get into a winter car accident in Dayton, Ohio, you should contact an attorney immediately. They can help you navigate the moments after your accidents and figure out the best way to move forward. To learn more about a car accident attorney in Dayton, click here.

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