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How Does a Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer Gather Evidence?

How Does a Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer Gather Evidence?

With every Cincinnati car accident claim, there is evidence. In fact, a car accident claim without evidence will not get extremely far. For this reason, a Cincinnati car accident lawyer spends a lot of time gathering and uncovering accidents to make sure their client's claim is ironclad. So what evidence does a Cincinnati car accident lawyer look for and what should you make sure you gather in the moments after an accident?

Cincinnati Car Accident Evidence:

Eyewitness Accounts

Did anyone see the accident? Eyewitness accounts, while sometimes unreliable, can be a great tool in a Cincinnati car accident case. After an accident, those involved should get the name and phone number of everyone they possibly can who is there at the scene. This will make it easier for your Cincinnati car accident lawyer to gather a list of the relevant accounts.


Take pictures of everything. Photographs are excellent storytelling mechanisms that can back up your claim in a strong and solid way. While it is not always possible to stop and take pictures after an accident (especially if you are in an ambulance), try to get some if you can.

Police Reports

Always call the police after a car accident, no matter how small. This is a document that reflects the police findings after the accident and could include eyewitness accounts that could boost your case.

Experts in the Field

A good lawyer will make sure to rope in experts in the field to really investigate the details of your case if they think it could help. While not every case needs this, having expert opinions can strengthen a claim and help a lawyer uncover important details.

Cell Phone Records

Cell phone records are the evidence gold mine for Cincinnati personal injury lawyers. Cell phone records tell a lawyer whether or not other drivers were on their phone calling or texting anyone at the time of the accident.

Social Media Posts

Social media is extremely relevant in today’s car accident landscape. For example, if a driver sent out a tweet or posted a photo on Instagram that is time-stamped for the time of the accident, then they could be held liable.

A good Cincinnati car accident lawyer will be able to connect the dots between pieces of evidence and build a strong claim. To learn more about a great car accident attorney in your area, click here.

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