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How long Does a Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take?

Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawsuits are important, yet do not always go as quickly as people want them to. The reality is that every case is different and can vary in time, but they all follow a similar process. Some of the frustration of the legal process is that people feel like they are being kept out of the loop with their lawyers. With a quality Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer, you should always know what is going on. Keep reading to learn more about the Cincinnati motorcycle accident legal process.

The Structure of a Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit:

The Consultation

A quality Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer will always offer a free consultation to get the ball rolling. This time is dedicated to learning the details of your case so that the attorney can determine the best route for you to take. Your attorney does not get paid unless your case wins, so they should always be honest with you if they think there is a chance or not.

Filing the Claim

Once the attorney determines you have enough data to file a claim, then it is time to actually file it. If you are making a claim for damages that were not caused by yourself after a Cincinnati motorcycle accident, your lawyer will have to prove that another driver caused your accident/damages, and exactly how much those damages are worth. Damages include emotional, financial, or physical losses that occurred as a result of the accident.


Once a claim has been filed, your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover important details regarding your claim that might help you win.

Negotiation of Settlement

Usually, Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawsuits will avoid going to trial if a settlement can be reached by both parties. If a settlement cannot be agreed upon, your lawyer might suggest taking the claim to trial.

Going to Trial

If your claim goes to trial, the following steps will happen:


This is the period of time where each party exchanges information that is relevant to the case like witness statements, professional opinions, and more.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

After discovery, the case enters alternative dispute resolution, where a third party provides an understanding of how the judge/jury might comprehend the case. This is to encourage resolution before going to trial.


While very few Cincinnati motorcycle accident cases get to this stage, some do if the accident was severe enough.

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