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Ohio Car Accidents in Construction Zones: 5 Important Tips

Driving through construction zones can easily lead to Ohio car accidents. While these areas on the road lead to slowed driving, increased traffic, and increased frustration, they are important for the structure and safety of our roads. Ohio drivers are very familiar with construction zones due to the infamous I-75 road work.

Why Are Construction Zones So Dangerous?

Driving through these areas increases a driver's risk of an Ohio car accident. The road patterns change from what we are familiar with, turning an area we have driven a thousand times into something totally different. The speeds within construction zones tend to vary up and down. There are construction workers doing their jobs on the side of busy roads. There are sudden stops, reckless drivers, and so much more that increases the risk for an Ohio car accident while in a construction zone. To reduce their risk of accidents, drivers should consider the following tips.

Tips for Reducing the Risk of an Ohio Car Accident in a Construction Zone:

Slow Down

Slowing down gives drivers the extra time they need to make decisions and react to their surroundings. Slowing down prevents accidents by also reducing the risk of impact and damage. While driving through a construction zone, drivers can avoid Ohio car accidents by slowing down their speed and following the set safety limits.

Obey the Signs

All throughout construction zones, there are signs and rules that need to be followed at all times. If a sign says “no changing lanes” then do not change lanes. If the sign says there is a reduced speed limit, then slow down to that speed. Each one of these signs is placed to protect drivers and workers and prevent Ohio car accidents.

Stay Attentive

While drivers always are operating their vehicle with maximum attention, staying alert in these areas is even more important. Doing so will prevent collisions or injury for multiple people on the road.

Minimize Distractions

A huge part of staying attentive is removing distractions from your driving. Through unpredictable construction zones, drivers should turn down their music, keep off their phones, put down any food, and minimize any other distractions.

Keep Your Distance

Keeping your distance from other drivers on the road is the best strategy for giving yourself plenty of time to react if something goes wrong or you need to make a sudden stop.

What to Do if You Wreck in a Construction Zone:

If you get into an Ohio car accident during a construction zone, contact an attorney immediately. They will help assess your situation and give you advice on how to move forward. To learn more about a free consultation with a qualified attorney, click here.

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