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Ohio Personal Injury Claim Glossary: 4 Common Terms

Ohio Personal Injury Claim Glossary: 4 Common Terms

If you are thinking about filing an Ohio personal injury claim, you might be overwhelmed with the process. There is a reason that lawyers have to go to school for years and that their education is so tough. The legal process is complex and difficult to understand even for the smartest people. Working with a lawyer that knows how to communicate effectively and keep you in the loop is critical to your case and satisfaction. To help make the process easier to jump into, here are 11 common Ohio personal injury claims terms to know before your start.

Ohio Personal Injury Claim Terms:


The legal definition of “claim” is “to demand or assert as a right.” The definition continues to list a claim as “facts that combine to give rise to a legally enforceable right or judicial action.”

In common terms, a claim is what a person files to start the legal process. For example, an individual might file a claim with their lawyer saying that another driver was responsible for their personal injury and therefore must pay a certain amount in damages to help you recover from those losses.


A consultation is a process of talking with an attorney to determine whether or not your situation merits filing a claim. A good lawyer will offer a free consultation where they will review the details of your case and let you know if they think it is worth pursuing. A lawyer worth working with on your Ohio personal injury claim will be honest with you and will not take a dime of your money until the case is won.


“Damages” refer to the sum of money the law imposes for a breach of some duty or violation of some right.

In other words, it is the total loss that you experienced due to the injury or accident. Damages can be physical (injury), emotional (psychological distress), or financial (medical bills, time off work).

Statute of Limitations

Some people think you can take as much time as they need to decide if they want to file an Ohio personal injury case, but that is not the reality. Every situation has a statute of limitation for the limit of time a person has to pursue legal action after a personal injury happens. For example, the statute of limitations for car accident claims in Ohio is 2 years.

A quality lawyer will not only keep you in the loop for all things regarding your personal injury claim, but they will also tell you everything in a way that makes sense so you always know what is going on. To learn more about an Ohio personal injury lawyer that can help you, click here.

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