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The Dangers of Wide Right Turn Cincinnati Truck Accidents

Wide-turns are a common cause of Cincinnati truck accidents as they can lead to a number of different dangers. The shape and size of these trucks make it incredibly difficult to make right turns. They have to swing very far to the left to be able to make the turn work. If not done correctly, it could cause a few issues


How Does a Wide-Turn Cincinnati Truck Accident Occur?

A wide-turn Cincinnati truck accident can happen for a few different reasons.

1 No turn signal

If a truck driver forgets to use their turn signal and starts to swing left, other drivers might not realize they are putting in the work to turn right, leading to serious accidents

2 Driver doesn’t check blind spots

Blind spots are a huge cause for Cincinnati truck accidents of all types. Semi-trucks have huge blind spots, with their right side being the worst. If a truck driver forgets to check their blind spot or does not do so well enough, they could cause an accident.

3 Exhaustion

There are laws in place to prevent semi-drivers from getting too tired on the road, but they are not a guarantee. If a driver is fatigued, they might not remember to take the right steps for the turn or underestimate what needs to happen to make it safe.

4 Poor Truck Maintenance

If the truck is not maintained well, then the driver might have difficulty making a wide turn safely. Poor truck maintenance might include bad tires, poor steering, broken mirrors, and other things.

5 Improper Cargo Loading

An improperly loaded cargo can lead a truck to tip over under the right conditions, leading to a Cincinnati truck accident.

Who is Held Liable?

One of two parties could be held liable after a Cincinnati truck accident.

1 The driver

If the driver is improperly trained or they do not perform their duties as they were trained to (no signal, didn’t check blind spots, tried to turn too quickly) then they might be held liable.

2) the company they work for

The company that the driver works for might be liable if the truck is not properly maintained or the cargo is loaded improperly. They might also be held liable if they are not falling the regulations for truck drivers.

How can an Attorney Help?

A Cincinnati truck accident attorney is familiar with the laws, regulations, and structure of these large companies. They know how to protect you from being taken advantage of by large legal teams who do not have your best interest in mind.

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