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What to Look for During a Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer:

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultations as an option to start your claim process and to learn more about how they can offer you help. For some lawyers, a consultation is an opportunity to make a sale or trap you into paying large amounts for below-average work. For a quality personal injury lawyer, a free consultation is an opportunity to hear your story, offer compassion for your situation, prove their capableness, and offer honest feedback as to whether or not you have a case worth pursuing.

Key Identifiers of a Good Personal Injury Lawyer:

1) Compassion for You and Your Situation:

Instead of picking apart the situation that led to your injury in the first moments of your consultation, a quality personal injury lawyer will offer a compassionate and empathetic ear. Your consultation is a time for your personal injury lawyer to listen to the detail of your accident or injury and not react right away. By showing compassion, they are able to hear your story as a whole and refer you to helpful resources to further progress your recovery.

2) Eagerness to Jump in

Your personal injury lawyer should be eager to win your case, not for the financial gain, but for the positive impact, it will have on their client. They should explain every detail thoroughly so that you understand every step of the process. They should be eager to jump right into your case with the confidence to win, never doubting their ability or your right to compensation.

3) Experience with Winning

Your personal injury lawyer should not hesitate to prove their experience and competence to you. Take the time to ask them how many cases they have won like yours, and how many years they have been practicing this kind of law. If they hesitate to list their experience, lack testimonials that prove their competence, or have not been practicing very long, they may not be the personal injury lawyer for you.

4) Promise to Do the Best

Lastly, when it comes to your free consultation, you should expect your personal injury lawyer to offer the peace of mind that comes with a promise. They should promise to do everything they can to win your case. They should promise to help you the best they can. And they should promise to earn you the most compensation possible for your situation.

To learn more about a personal injury lawyer who can offer compassion, eagerness, experience, and promise, click here.

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