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Who is Involved in My Ohio Car Accident Claim?

After you get in an accident, you may be considering whether or not to file an Ohio car accident claim. While consulting with an attorney is absolutely your best bet at getting back on your feet, you may be wondering who is involved.

With Ohio being an “at-fault” state, also known as a tort state, this means that blame and financial responsibility are able to be placed on one individual involved in the wreck. Having a lawyer to help you sift through the pieces and protect you against all people involved is incredibly important. Let’s take a look at some of the parties that might be involved in an Ohio car accident claim.

Parties Involved in an Ohio Car Accident Claim:

The Police

Depending on the severity of the accident, the police may be involved. It is always best to include the police in the aftermath of an accident, no matter how small, because they are the ones who will write up a formal report.

Your Insurance Company

Right after an accident, you probably will contact your insurance company immediately. They are an important party that comes into play during your claim process. Your insurance company will construct a claim regarding the incident.

Your Adjusters

There are adjusters assigned to every claim that is filed within an insurance organization. These individuals are responsible for things like the approval of repairs, treatments, disability payments, and other details related to your injury.

Other Drivers

Car accidents involving other drivers will automatically bring those drivers into the Ohio car accident claim process. Filing legal claims involves including anyone that was present or a part of the incident.

Your Attorney

Your attorney should be the second person you call after an accident as they are the ones who will help you navigate the aftermath. Calling an attorney before your insurance company will ensure you are not vulnerable as detail is being uncovered and your Ohio car accident claim is being filed.

Expert Investigators

To uncover the details of your case and fight for your best interest, your attorney will hire expert investigators. They will make sure that you are protected, and your Ohio car accident claim attorney has all of the evidence they need to fight for a settlement.

To learn more about Ohio car accident claims and who you can consult with after your accident, click here.

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