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Why Do Ohio Truck Accidents Happen?

Why Do Ohio Truck Accidents Happen?

Ohio truck accidents happen for a number of reasons. Many drivers fear driving near semi-trucks because of their size and the danger of potential accents. Over the years, laws and regulations have formed around truck driving, decreasing the number of accidents that happen from year to year. For many years, truck drivers had no limit on how long they could drive before they needed to stop and sleep. With new laws in place, how do Ohio truck accidents happen now and when should you get a truck accident attorney?

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Common Reasons for Ohio Truck Accidents:

  1. Heavy Loads – Truck drivers are carrying heavier loads now than ever before as there is a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. Heavy loads can cause accidents when a driver underestimates the amount of time they need to slow down, or a driver gets in front of them too quickly and they have to slam on their breaks. The weight and momentum of the load can cause the vehicle to have a hard time slowing down and cause Ohio truck accidents.

  2. Weather – When weather creates dangerous road conditions, it is much easier for Ohio truck accidents to take place. Disrupted vision, heavy loads, icy roads, and more can all create the perfect scenario for a truck accident to take place.

  3. Vehicle Maintenance – When a semi-truck is not properly maintained by the company that owns it, parts of the vehicle can fail and cause Ohio truck accidents. For example, if the breaks are not kept up with or if the tires are not changed regularly, then accidents can happen.

  4. Human Error – Truck drivers are humans too, who are capable of making mistakes while driving. The difference is that they are driving a much larger vehicle that can do much more damage.

  5. Lack of Sleep – Although there are laws that prevent drivers from driving without breaks, that does not mean that everyone is perfectly rested at all times. Sleep deprivation can easily lead to an Ohio truck accident.

When to Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Ohio:

You should contact a truck accident attorney in Ohio absolutely any time you have been involved in an Ohio truck accident. A quality attorney can offer a free legal consultation and assess the details of your case to see if there is enough to file a claim.

To schedule a free legal consultation with a truck accident attorney in Ohio, click here.

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