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Why Your Emotional Distress Matters in An OH Personal Injury Case

OH personal injury cases can be extremely complex. Depending on your accident, there are a million moving pieces that come into play when filing a claim. Lawyers work hard to calculate damages related to your case. When most people think of damages in a personal injury case, they think of financial damages. The reality is, there are financial and non-financial damages that all come into play when working on an OH personal injury case.

Financial damages are obviously the financial losses that one endures after a personal injury like loss of income, high medical bills, recovery expenses, repair or replacement of property, and more.

Non-financial damages include emotional distress as well as loss of consortium. Emotional distress can contribute greatly to your well-being after an accident. So what is considered emotional distress and why does it matter to am OH personal injury case?

What is Considered Emotional Distress in an OH Personal Injury Case?

In legal terms, emotional distress is considered non-financial, or non-economic, damage. This really means that there is no concrete way to quantify suffering like there is with money. Emotional distress is a form of mental health-related suffering that is caused by a specific incident or accident. This can be achieved through negligence or through intent. The law recognizes it as a type of damage that can be compensated through an OH personal injury case.

Examples of Emotional Distress Include:

1) Diminished quality of life

2) Cognitive changes (head injury)

3) Embarrassment/Humiliation

4) Psychological trauma


6) Loss of sleep

7) And more

How to Document it:

The best way to document emotional distress is through professional attention. If you are already seeking treatment for your physical injuries, try bringing up your emotional symptoms as well to your doctor. They can refer you to mental health specialists or psychologists who can diagnose or label your issues, give their professional opinion, help you, and document evidence of your emotional distress.

How Lawyers Calculate Emotional Damages:

There are many ways that a lawyer will calculate financial damages as they relate to emotional distress. Usually, a lawyer will research the value of your treatment for emotional distress, loss of income, or any other situation where a dollar amount can be tied to emotional well-being.

If you need to talk to an OH personal injury lawyer about your damages or personal injury case, click here.

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