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At the Law Offices of Blake R. Maisline, LLC we work hard on behalf of our clients to get the results they want.  Here are just some of the clients who are thankful for the work we've done on their behalf

Burn Injury Case
"I would refer Blake and his staff to anybody that may need an attorney.  They're family"
 - Erica and Rachel





If you have suffered a personal injury but are not sure you are entitled to compensation, let us review your case for free.  Fill out the form below and one of our attorneys will contact you after reviewing your information to explain the next steps that should be taken.

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Car Accident Case
"He cares.  He not only came to the hospital but he returned all my phone calls, let me know what was going on with the case, called me to see if we were doing okay "
- Rena and Latrina



House Fire
"It became apparent that we were working towards a denial of our claim. We reached out to [Blake] and within a couple of hours he personally called back on his cell phone.  We were very happy with our representation. "
- Gary
Motorcycle Accident
"I contacted this law firm and they said I'd be lucky to get $15,000 for my injuries. Working with Blake Maislin's team of experts after just two months I walked away with over $40,000."
- Jason
Automobile Accident
"I called at 7:40a.m. Blake himself answered the phone.  He came out to the house that morning. We felt like Blake was very caring, passionate.  He's 100% behind you and you can count on him."
- Kim and James
Car Accident Case
"The opposing attorney said he was prepared not to pay anything until Blake took on the case. He’s the best lawyer that I know of. "
- Chad and Becky
Car Accident Case
"I was having a lot of trouble with my attorney following through. I decided to contact Blake Maislin. I would highly recommend Blake. He follows through and he gets things done. "
- Rena and Latrina
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